General 3

When Jonella and I purchased Kid City, it was named, "Kid City Daycare and Preschool". After we got our feet wet (and nearly drowned!) we determined that we needed a name to reflect the vision we had for this entity. I remember suggesting "Academy" as an option. Jonella questioned if this change in name would reflect what we were trying to convey to the community. Our vision was to be a school in which families could trust to educate their children academically, socially, and emotionally. We have never wanted to be a replacement for the parent, but want to partner with the parent in the early educational journey. Although the entity we purchased has several technical issues regarding state guidelines, we took our focus to the educational aspect: we wanted to focus on what children learn; how children; and opportunities for this learning. Over time, all the other aspects of state regulation took care of themselves. The children under our care in this Academy became students who were exceeding their parents' expectations. As time moved forward, we worked as teams of teachers to identify assessments to best measure student growth. We looked deeper into what is developmentally appropriate for our students and adopted Bucket Filling as our social emotional/ discipline plan. Over the course of time, we believe that we have created the Premier Preschool Experience for Johnson and Surrounding Counties.  

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