ages: 6 weeks to 12 months


The CaterPillar classroom is an introduction to the world of preschool. Students in this class come to us with wonder and fascination with the world in the beginning stage of life. We work closely with parents to determine a routine and schedule for these learners that meets both their physical and emotional well-being. The ultimate goal for each of these students is to develop self-help and gross motor skills.

ages: 12 months to 24 months


The ButterFly classroom is a student's first look at the Core Curriculum offered at KCA. Students in the room work on large gross motor skills along with self feeding and understanding of larger concepts. Teachers work to help students manage routines and understand boundries. These students will bring home their papers showcasing their work in our weekly themes.

ages: 24 months to 30 months


The LadyBug classroom is a movement into more independence for the learner. He/She will continue to engage in the thematic curriculum rooted in the Indiana Academic Foundations. Here, students begin the skill of potty training and additional self-help and self-monitoring skills. Our teachers work closely with the leaner to further understand boundaries while at the same time exploring the world.

ages: 30 months to 36 months


The FireFly classroom is the final adventure in the traditional "closed" classroom. Learners will hopefully finish potty training and continue to gain self-advocacy skills. We look for these students to speak more and participate independently in our Assembly Time. We notice that FireFlies begin to gain their wings with independent work and behaviors. They are able to communicate about the themes and connect more ideas into the topics of discussion.

age: 3


The BusyBee Classroom is a student's first experience in what we believe is the right approach to learning: open concept. The classroom is close to the restrooms so that we can manage the physical needs of the young learners. Here they continue understanding the weekly themes but incorporate more fine motor skills with work in handwriting. They also begin Spanish instruction so that each learner can begin to explore the concept of multiple lanuages in the world

age: 3-4


The TadPole Classroom continues the work of exploring larger concepts and how these concepts connect to our world. Learners are continuing their study of Spanish for common objects as well as practice on fine motor skills such as handwriting. They are able to complete larger projects while still enjoying play in the classroom.

age: 4


The DragonFly Classroom is an extension of the curriculum in the TadPoles with a faster pace. These students have mastered most self-help skills and can independently write their names. We find these learners are eager to have longer assembly times and engage more in topics of the week discussions. At this point, they have learned letter and number identification and are perfecting the letter sounds and blends.

age: 5


The GrassHopper Classroom is the last stop on the way to Kindergarten. In this class we work on early literacy skills with understanding of sight words and main ideas in stories. Students have mastered one-to-one correspondence with numbers and can create their own ideas to match those concepts learned in class. Upon completion of this classroom, our graduates participate in their Pre-K graduation and are awarded a compilation of their work in a well-constructed portfolio.


Kindergarten at KCA is an extension of the learning that has occurred over the previous years at the school. Our students hit the ground running as Kindergarten prerequisite skills have already been mastered and students understand how to work in the classroom. We find that students work beyond Indiana Academic Kindergarten Standards and begin fine-tuning literacy skills along with understanding of number sense. Our Kindergarten offers a low student ratio with no more than 14:1. We also have large monthly excursions which link to our classroom experiences.